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Editorial review

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Juan Morán Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 9.0
Jaws is a program designed for people who have difficulties for reading or seeing.
When you install the application, there is a voice that guides you and tells you what to press on the keyboard to proceed.
A beeping sound indicates that the instalation is taking place.
After installing the program, it speaks up the name of any folder or icon where the mouse arrow clicks on. It also gives information about it's location and how to proceed to use it or move it.
If it is a folder, it will indicate the fyles in it and the first file that will be selected if the folder is opened.
All the alerts and messages on the computer will be spoken up. The buttoms available on the alerts will be mentioned as well.
It has ten laguage available. There are two varieties of english, french and spanish. There is also german, italian, brazilian and finnish.
There are also 4 different posibilities to synthesize the voice that will be heard and the speech rate can be modified to be fastened or slowed down. The punctuation may be mentioned or only taken into account as a normal part of the speech.
Jaws come with some applications to operate the entire computer without having to use the mouse.


  • Many languages available. Speech rate can be modified. Lots of utilities.


  • only 2 voices available. Only works for 40 minutes. Should have a mute buttom.

What's new in version 16.0

- In response to reports from the Veterans Administration as well as other federal agencies in the United States and Europe, resolved issues with using JAWS 16 with Microsoft Lync 2010 and 2013.
- Addressed an issue reported by several customers where the virtual buffer would suddenly appear blank while navigating a Web page in Internet Explorer.
- Firefox users can now use Contracted Braille input when typing text into edit fields on Web pages. This is especially beneficial in academic testing environments, such as Smarter Balance Testing, that only use Firefox as their testing platform.
- Addressed numerous issues that were submitted to Freedom Scientific through the JAWS Error Reporting feature.
- Resolved an issue with the People Search Research It lookup source not returning any results.
- A customer reported issues when attempting to modify the voice profile for the DECTalk USB synthesizer. This has been resolved.
- Addressed issues with the JAWS Command Search not locating certain commands as expected. For example, Read Speaker's Notes (CTRL SHIFT N) in PowerPoint, and List Spelling Errors (ALT SHIFT L) in Word.
- A customer reported that if the Table Layer (INSERT SPACEBAR, T) is active, pressing CTRL P to play or stop audio in FSReader was exiting the layer. Now, pressing CTRL P to play and stop audio, as well as CTRL COMMA and CTRL PERIOD to rewind or fast forward, will no longer exit the Table Layer.
- Resolved an issue where JAWS would say "read-only edit" each time the ARROW keys were pressed to move by character or word in certain types of read-only edit fields.
- Addressed an issue where Convenient OCR was not working as expected when JAWS 16 was installed on a system with a Spanish version of OpenBook.
- An issue was resolved where attempting to install a French Canadian update for JAWS using Check for Updates was not working. French Canadian users can now use Check for Updates to install the JAWS 16 January update.
- Addressed an issue with the virtual ribbon not being spoken in the Polish version of Microsoft Office.

Publisher's description

Freedom Scientific JAWS is a screen reader for Windows. It is developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse. JAWS provides speech and Braille output for the most popular computer applications on your PC. The program features two multi-lingual synthesizers, Eloquence and Vocalizer Expressive and comes with an built-in free DAISY player.

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